These are just some of the many services we provide in La Familia Medical Center.

Primary Care

La Familia Medical Center strives to always provide the highest level of primary care. Here is where our process truly begins and we ensure our patients’ long term well being. By continuously monitoring their conditions and carefully exploring new treatment options, we help improve quality of life significantly.


Accurate diagnostic practice is what our team focus on most. We want every test, biopsy, and even x-ray to be performed by the best so that we can receive the most precise information. All of this effort goes a long way in keeping you healthy and allowing our Doctors to quickly heal you.

Physical Therapy

You can’t possibly be well, if you don’t feel well. We at La Familia take that very seriously. Our staff of Physical Therapists provide massage, work-out, and temperature therapy to ease your pain. Only when we’ve reduced your pain can we go about accurately identifying the cause and begin long-term treatment. Come feel better today.

Urgent Care

Our medical facility is open to patients with all needs. Members and walk-ins can enjoy quick medical help like blood pressure screenings, eye exams, check-ups, or help with medical exams for government forms. Stop in today and see how La Familia can take care of you.